"Julian is a great teacher and talented musician. I could see a good progress in my child's technique since we started working with Julian. My child enjoys every lesson that Julian gives us. I would strongly recommend iPickGuitar to everyone who is interested in taking guitar lessons."

Zarina T. - Classical Guitar Student Intermediate Level


"Julian is a wonderful musician and teacher, and he is able to teach my son in a way that keeps him motivated and enthusiastic about learning guitar. Very highly recommended."

Christine P. - Rock Guitar Student Intermediate Level


"I have been taking lessons with Julian for a couple of months now, and i have been VERY impressed. Julian is kind, talented and patient. He used a step by step process and makes sure i am able to grasp one concept before moving on to the next. I have always wanted to learn to play the guitar and now, as an adult, I am finally making the time to do so. I have been so happy with the lessons, that i have now signed up my children for lessons too. They have met Julian and are very excited to start their lessons in August. I highly recommend iPickGuitar”

Jennifer G. - Pop and Rock Student Intermediate Level


"I had bee learning guitar on my self for a while but felt that I was never on the right track. iPickGuitar customized the lessons to fit my skills and weaknesses. Now I am starting to put everything together, things I learned in the part and stuff I learned in my lessons. My girlfriend is taking lessons with iPickGuitar as well. She enjoys it a lot too. Now we have one more thing in common at home. Now the lessons are the most exciting thing we look forward to every week."

Vincent W. - Rock Guitar Student Intermediate Level


"Julian has been teaching me guitar for over 4 years. The way he teaches is very unique. When I am having difficulties with technique, he is always available to instruct me. The lessons are fun and educational at the same time. I think that he is a great teacher and I will happily continue to be his student for years to come as I am progressing through the RCM curriculum. "

Arda I. - Classical Guitar Student Gr 5 (RCM) Advanced Level


"Julian is a very knowledgeable and patient guitar teacher. I have the pleasure of knowing him for over two years now and would highly recommend him as an excellent classical guitar teacher for all ages."

Sam S. - Classical Guitar Student Gr 5 (RCM) Advanced Level


"I would like to take this opportunity and strongly recommend Julian Hasko of iPickGuitar to whoever is looking for a caring, knowledgeable and outstanding guitar teacher.  Julian's excellent interpersonal skills along with his outstanding knowledge of music and superb guitar skills has made his one of the best guitar teachers I have ever seen.  He is very patient and inspiring; while teaching fundamental techniques and something new in every session, he keeps it fun and enjoyable which I believe is very important to encourage you to keep going and reach your ultimate goal in playing guitar like a pro."

Mina M. - Classical Guitar Student Beginner Level


"There are many online guitar courses however nothing can replace an introductory hands on guitar lesson with Julian.  I was never able to play a complete song past the third fret and within a few weeks I learned to play "Blackbird" and "Here comes the sun".  Julian worked out the most optimal  fingering and I learned how to read tab music in just one lesson.  An introductory lesson is a great way to start learning guitar.  Julian makes the lessons fun and enjoyable from the first strum of the strings.  He inspires you to practice and improve on every note played.  As you play more songs your confidence level increases and you become addicted to playing guitar.   I highly recommend iPickGuitar as I have experienced first hand how much I have improved from playing a few chords up the neck of the guitar to full songs - it is a totally awesome experience and I recommend it to others!!  There is nothing more fulfilling than achieving your dream of playing guitar."

Debra - Classical Guitar Student Beginner Level


"I have always wanted to learn guitar and it has been 9 months since i have been learning with Julian. He is very knowledgeable and very thorough, I am learning something new every lesson. I highly recommend lessons with iPickGuitar for those who are interested in learning how to play guitar.

Reina B. - Classical Guitar Student Gr 3 (RCM)


"I have been learning guitar with Julian for over a year now, and it has been a wonderful experience. He's understanding and the atmosphere is great, as we always add some fun into our lessons. He pushes me to do the best that I can, and it helps a lot! Definitely the best teacher to have."

Natasha S. - Classical Guitar Student Gr 2 (RCM)


"I have always wanted to start playing guitar and finally had my first lesson this weekend. The lesson was well structured and the teacher was very thorough. I am looking forward to my next lessons and will recommend this school to all of my friends."

Olga G. - Acoustic Guitar Student Beginner Level


"I am an absolute beginner and I really enjoyed the first class with Julian. It was so much fun and Julian was very patient and knowledgeable. Highly recommend this to anyone who is interested in guitar."

Zhihuan - Acoustic Guitar Lessons Beginner Level


"My son has been taking lessons with Julian Hasko of iPickGuitar for almost 2 years now. Julian is a fantastic teacher. He emphasizes technical fundamentals while keeping it fun which is very important for young children. My son now progresses to RCM examination. Highly recommended. "

Simon L. - Classical Guitar Student Gr 3 (RCM) Intermediate Level