Avoid traffic jams as the teacher comes to you. No experience necessary and lessons may begin at any time.

All private lessons are taught one-on-one with the teacher in the comfort of your own home and are scheduled once a week with the flexibility of individualized scheduling.

Lessons cover wide range of topics including music theory and technique. Learn the Roots of Rock, Classical Guitar and Pop following chords, scales, and lead patterns. Ask us about RCM Examinations.

Our goal is to help gifted young artists like you enhance and maximize your talent and creativity. Music lessons teach not only technical skills but also the virtues of patience, creativity, intuition, hand-eye-coordination, memory, and mental discipline.

We hope that you will find our lessons stimulating and enriching and that by experiencing it, you will come to appreciate that even if practice doesn’t always make perfect, perfect practice does.

We look forward to hearing from you!